It's time to make this official:

Hi, I'm @maloki, and I've joined the #Tusky team.

My main focus will be answering you questions here, (check out our pinned posts), working on a FAQ, and figure out funding avenues.

I'll also work with the rest of the team @ConnyDuck , @charlag and other contributors, to move the project forward by listening to your feedback and trying to make your #MastoApp experience even better.

@Tusky @maloki @ConnyDuck @charlag
Hello nice people! I wanted to ask where I can see Tusky's user documentation. I installed Tusky on my android phone because it was the most installed app in a poll, but I seem to see very little difference vs. the Masto android app. So I'm thinking maybe I'm just missing how to find and use Tusky's features.


@Phanjam what kind of docs do you seek? There's FAQ on the website.
Tusky is older so there are some more timelines and actions with posts, more customization of UI (eg what is shown and where)

Thanks! Is the FAQ you are referring to? I guess I was looking for something more like a "list of all features and how to use them" kind of document 😅

@Phanjam as we are mostly a Mastodon client we follow the same features that Mastodon supports (plus some multi-account and draft things) but there isn't extensive list of functions that would require a book written about them (or at least no one attempted to write one yet)

okay i will see if Masto has docs more of the kind i'm looking for.
thanks very much for the replies!

@Phanjam no worries, feel free to shout out or @ the questions

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