I run my first dnd game!
I messed up a lot, my brain was just stopping to work and we run for like 6 hours because it just happened to be longer than anyone expected.


I learned a lot tho, I'm really glad I have friends who let me try it.

Of course things you prepare the most don't get seen *shrugs*

*feels bad for not letting players rp more*

DND & DMing 

I watched O'Brien's oneshot and it's a bit similar to what I experienced.

Like, it's intimidating. For anyone.
It's a lot of work esp when you just start.
Okayish DM is still much better than no DM.
When people see their fellow players do it they also think they can do it (and they do!).

DND & DMing 

Next time I might track initiative/HP digitally. I don't like staring at the screen while playing but I also don't like to spend time writing stuff down.

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