We are looking for software developers!

If you live in or would like to relocate to Germany, it might be for you.

We do mostly JS w/ types and Java but also a lot of other things.

There's a lot of freedom and we don't suck.

You can write GPL code for a living!


boosts welcome!

@dumpsterqueer We do a lot of paired programming - which is more fun as well. It makes sense to do this together physically (we're doing it virtually right now, but it's not the same) so living nearby is required. @charlag


@dumpsterqueer @Tutanota we also think that if you do remote you need to be "remote-first", otherwise some people will be always left behind. Right now we are all remote because of corona so it works.

@charlag @Tutanota yeah that makes sense too... I've worked in situations where some people are remote only and they miss out on decisions being made via desk to desk discussions. Ah well! If I was in Germany I would totally apply but alas

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