They don't seem to understand that one can view any content with Tusky and that it is not possible for the app developers to check any of it.

Maybe it is also due to some Gabholes mass reporting the app again?

Anyway, I am super angry right now and don't really know what to do 😭

here is a screenshot from play console and the screenshot they attached which seems not to be related at all

I have to work until 17:00 cet, will figure out what to do then.
Thx to all of you wanting to help. What I could need is some reports of similar problems and what worked in order to resolve them.


@ConnyDuck Ahhh they want us to show terms? But it's only relevant for signup, not login…

@charlag @ConnyDuck can you even sign up through tusky? i only ever used it to login after the fact

@piggo @charlag you can click on "signup" on most instances login screens, that's where they must have gotten that screenshot from

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