no no no I should not get into a fights with "china's good actually" american kids, no

I hope no one reads it as "good that tiktok is banned". I know too well what it's like to have services blocked. Thing I work at is inaccessible to my parents at this time. Censorship is a fuck.

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@charlag aww i was finishing my reply

no one is even trying to dismiss that capitalism in china is bad, merely reminding people that capitalism in the usa has been doing the same and is still doing the same. how come it's suddenly a problem when it's china but google and amazon and the usa have been at it for decades and can just keep doing it

@CobaltVelvet I wasn't saying about how capitalism in China is bad. I was saying that dismissing mass, total surveillance (camera on the entrance to each Uyghur house? Great firewall? social media cleanups?) that China does cannot be dismissed as mere racism.


@charlag the thing is, you are entirely missing every point. again no one here is dismissing mass surveillance. the context is that tiktok is being pointed at as insecure and a tool of the chinese government and to be banned by the usa, which is ridiculous coming from the country that has always done the same at a much bigger scale. why is it okay for american businesses but chinese businesses have to be banned? A Hint of Racism Maybe. you don't fix mass surveillance with double standards and this tide of hate against tiktok specifically is not motivated by privacy and security. it is motivated by the country it's based in and trump's obsession about it


@CobaltVelvet uh, I must admit, you are right. Holding only one to the standard is fearmongering and racism and I missed the point

@charlag last time I checked, the discussion seem to have degraded into some kind of conspiracy theory, like, they (the evil capitalists) made you afraid of communism and communists through the public schools; as if the people who really lived under the regimes claiming to be communist never existed or voiced their opinions

meh, not worth it

@amiloradovsky it's impossible to tell what it's like living in a country close to authoritarianism to a person from more or less liberal country. They dismiss it as propaganda.
The other way around works too.

@amiloradovsky like took me a looong time reading about people's experiences in USA to understand that, yeah, things are very shitty for many people. I couldn't believe it before and would dismiss it as propaganda.
Still I think that so many people from where I am from would trade everything to move there.

They probably won't dismiss it if I talk with them about it right?

@yviyrreb @charlag I'm for not picking either of the extremes, but a hybridization (the details are subject of an honest discussion). Unfortunately this stance only means being an enemy to both of the camps.
The extremists are dismissing any less radical position than their own as "centrism", by which they mean something passive and indifferent, or simply suspect a manipulation.

hmm I don't think this is much about dismissing less radical but more like something not very serious but kind of is idk it difficult to explain?? like it's clearly kind of out of touch with something that actually happens

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