idk how people are relaxing during travel. you need so much energy, it's not "resting".

@charlag reading a book at the beach is p relaxing

i mean, not that you’d really need to be at the beach for that, but,

@cpsdqs yeah but you need to do so much shit to get there that it just nullifies all the relaxation you get (which you can also get not at the bitch). Is it only me?

@charlag yeah…
i guess it works best if you delegate all that stuff to someone else :p

@cpsdqs well if I would fall asleep and wake up on a beach I wouldn't mind I guess

I should be careful saying that, I feel like some bad irony would happen lol

@charlag [heist movie music starts playing in the background]

@charlag energy to do what? you just sit on a bus or plane or whatever

@trwnh yeah and it drains me? And also you need to get there and prepare and all of that

@charlag different for everyone i guess. prep time is constant so i dont count it as part of the actual travel.

@charlag But it recharges me so I feel great. Maybe not rested but elated.

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