Can I complain about masto web UI again?
It's like shortcuts are there, it's just not working as well as it should and I just give up every time and idk if it's worth trying to fix it and send patches and see them ignored.

mmmm scrolling down with j doesn't not load the next page for some reason, who am I to blame for this, FF or masto?

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@charlag ugh yeah there’s still no sane way of expanding the “1 new post” banner in slow mode using the keyboard

kinda glad apple is pushing ios developers to deploy on mac now because that means we can just get the mobile clients instead (which are v good)

@cpsdqs or just use Pinafore which has . exactly for that

@cpsdqs I really miss couple of small things in Pinafore like bookmarks but it's so well made otherwise, I bet me and technomancy just use it because of the brilliant keyboard support

@charlag im not a fan of the one-column layout :/
also ive like added a couple of mods to masto web i dont necessarily want to rewrite

@cpsdqs yeah that would be hard to add with current model there because it relies on somehow global state for timeline currently.
what kind of mods?

@cpsdqs also about iOS apps on mac, it's to be seen if shortcuts will be there or not

@charlag well ipad has had keyboard support for a long time so it’s just up to developer laziness

@cpsdqs so uuuh like CSS tweaks?
I'm kinda thick, I'm sorry

@charlag you would THINK you could do this with css but actually i’m adding mutation observers to every timeline to then extract the username, hash it, and then map that to a hue and color links & text properly

also lots of css tweaks to make the font size smaller and remove the excessive 2020-era whitespace

@cpsdqs ah, that's non-obvious, thx for explanation.
Do you do this with userscripts? I bet it would be more convenient to modify the source

@charlag i do it with userscripts yeah; wrote a whole safari extension for it lmao

oh yeah i also hide the post action affordances because they really make me nervous when you just have 5 buttons on every single post

@cpsdqs lol yeah this would definitely be easier to modify in Pinafore but since you already have it...
my awe and condolences.

@charlag tbf id probably just write a mac app with the hypothetical time i would spend modifying pinafore

@cpsdqs haha I think you underestimate it a lil bit
I think Mast works on mac and released sources, or did I mistake it for something

@charlag huh i didn't know about mast. i downloaded it and yeah it’s pretty good, for touch,,,,, keyboard support is kinda lacking and it’s a bit glitchy in that regard (pressing up in this compose view scrolls up instead of moving the caret)
so for now i think ill keep using the web ui but i guess its something to keep an eye out for

@cpsdqs at least you can send PRs or whatnot, it's newish I think and source is released even more recently so it's probably rough here and there

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