I will repeat it:

Every time you make fun of an objectively bad person like Zukerberg not for the things they do but because they are fat/ugly/emotionally stunned you are hurting people who have these traits while Zucks don't give a shit.

Call them out for what they do.

"Bad guys are fat" internalizes as "fat people are fat because of their moral shortcomings" and it reinforces itself and we get a new cycle of judgement.

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If I understand how masto works, most people who got the first post will not get the second one.

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@charlag he got disability, body weight AND queerness into the same villain. truly a visionary.

@Aleums @charlag I don't know if this makes any difference but Baron Harkonnen's physical condition was not a component of his evil, it was the result of a punishment by the Bene Gesserit. The Baron raped Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam, so in retaliation she poisoned him with a virus that made him sickly and obese:

Also, one of the finer points of the "Dune" universe is that not a single one of the characters is morally absolute good or evil. They're all killers.

@zylaxis @Aleums @charlag one main reason why I stopped reading the series. Literally everyone is evil.


On a cheerier note, to counter the "bad guys are fat" stereotype, tumblr was passing around screenshots of the old comic The Outbursts of Everett True. True is a grumpy fat man who is presented as correct and good for physically intimidating and attacking bigots and abusers.

(Fair warning that image descriptions are not included, and also... tumblr.)

@charlag same for Trumps hair, skin, hands and the way he talks.

@charlag yeah i don't give a fuck about his goddamned haircut.
@charlag I always thought about this. Thank you for finding the words

@bird I am surprised so many people could relate to this, I say it from time to time. I'm glad it was useful to you

@charlag You proved some part of the Graham hierarchy of answers.

Months ago someone posted about making fun of someone. Told the part of the public that don't get it's a joke will get worse opinion about that someone. And that someone will get uneasy. Was it you?

I'll Follow you.

@xdej I didn't see any of these I think, there was just some post about giving Zuck an armchair autism diagnosis and I remembered what bothers me about it. I say it from time to time

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