Imma say it one last time for the folks in the back:

It isn't "blacks." Do not say "blacks." It's racist. It's antiblack as fuck and it is a giant red flag. We are a people. We are human beings.

Black *people*. Black *person*.

If I see it, you will be blocked on sight and I will suggest others do the same.

@guerrillarain ok so i'm walking a thin line here, about... whitesplaining? some terminology but i hope it works because i come from a different cultural background: language and context differs, so i hope we all take the effort to be slightly charitable to non-USA people.

For example, when i first heard PoC heard as a term i thought it was racist as fuck; i've known people from south africa and here in the netherlands and calling someone anything remotely close to "coloured person" is a huge red flag, but in the US it's one of the more preferred terms. (bc instead of using it as it is in the US, as a uniting term for non-white oppressed people, it's used as an oppressing term from white people)

here the translation for 'blacks' has the same connotation though... i guess what i'm trying to say is i agree 100% but with an international audience a bit of charity might go a long way.

ofc let me know if i ever fuck anything like this up.


@joop @guerrillarain this remark about PoC is on spot, people here don't always believe me that PoC is the way to say it in English, they feel it's the same as "colored". We need to do some work and develop/share vocabulary that is respectful.

@charlag @joop @guerrillarain

So what is the difference?

Person of colour vs coloured person.

@MutualityWSDEs you should ask internet about this but briefly: one was coined by white people and one wasn't

I don't like either.

It doesn't seem to be very original coinage and probably serves to avoid scrutiny of and confrontation with Whiteness.

Looking at Wikipedia, it appears to be another attempt at reclamation of an oppressive term.

Ultimately, if it involves further racialisation, it's literally a dead-end.

@MutualityWSDEs mmm yeah I would let non-white people decide that, thanks

@charlag @MutualityWSDEs I found this useful many years ago when I first found it. Hopefully it has aged reasonably well.

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