Reading Conquest of Bread 

>No distinction can be drawn between the work of each man. Measuring the work by its results leads us to absurdity; dividing and measuring them by hours spent on the work also leads us to absurdity. One thing remains: put the needs above the works, and first of all recognize the right to live, and later on, to the comforts of life, for all those who take their share in production.

Programmers ought to have immediate flashbacks to the times when they are paid for using all those libraries produces by others, usually in their free time.

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@charlag or when we buy food, ride a bus, call a plumber, etc.

@bonzoesc but you are not paid for this, that's the contrast

@charlag i'm thinking more in the line of computer touching only works as a career in the existence of other people supplying food, operating transportation, making sure people don't die of cholera or dehydration, etc.

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