I've been working on a project called openEngiadina (openengiadina.net/), using ActivityPub for "local knowledge".

We have an initial demo: openengiadina.net/geopub/

It's still very rough, but I hope enough to demonstrate how events, points of interest, local organizations and businesses can be created, shared and be discovered on the Fediverse.

A longer explanation of the demo and some background: inqlab.net/2020-04-06-geopub-a

This work has been supported by @NGIZero.

@pukkamustard @NGIZero ooh, it users miniKanren, I was starting to write my master thesis about it, wild stuff!


@pukkamustard @NGIZero I encourage you to look at Pinafore for CORS solutions

@charlag Thanks for the tip! Pinafore does "just work" and seems to get around CORS.

The way it works is by using the Mastodon API (github.com/nolanlawson/pinafor), which is set to allow CORS by default. It does not fetch content from the id of the content.

For GeoPub this is not a real solution as we would have to distinguish between content from Mastodon and the rest of the Internet.

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