@ryanprior hi, I liked your article on Svelte:

ironically I write this from the high-performance app written in Svelte and I love it but I also found promises misleading when I learned more. I really like idea of supercompilation but I just don't feel like Svelte fulfills its promises

@ryanprior I think almost all clients print sending app below the status when it's selected.
It's Pinafore.

@charlag that makes sense but it doesn't seem like the web app does?

I hadn't heard of Pinafore but I'll take a look!

After I joined Mastodon I used for about a year and liked it a lot. Now that the mainline web client has improved so much I've just been using that.

@ryanprior it does but it's subtle (look next to the time)

I use Pinafore because it's blazing fast and because keyboard support is just amazing. Vanilla improved since it has emerged and even copied some things but it's still far in these two things.

@nolan takes time to optimize stuff and it pays off

@charlag here's how it showed the info from your toot on my interface at - I wonder if this instance is configured differently, or maybe I have a setting somewhere?

@ryanprior hmm that's interesting. I don't know why it might be, my instance is pretty much vanilla.

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