Tusky X (10) has been released!

We now provide:
Scheduled toots
Audio attachments are supported

New translations:
Icelandic ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ธ
Slovakian ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฐ

Full release notes here:

Known issues:
The swiping has increased in sensitivity. This is due to a library change, because the old one was deprecated. We're hoping this can be improved in a later release.

@Tusky is the inability to swipe pictures away after tapping on them also a bug?

@wolfie @Tusky no idea. Can you provide a little bit more information, like what you're doing, what you're expecting to happen (possibly what used to happened) and what happens when you do?

@maloki @Tusky when I tap a picture in a toot I'm pretty sure I was previously able to drag on the picture to swipe it away and return to the timeline, but now I can only get out of the zoomed in picture and back to the timeline by tapping the back navigation key, which I don't think was necessary before this update

@wolfie @maloki @Tusky I have noticed this as well! In then previous version of Tusky I was able to swipe up on a (non zoomed) full screen picture to dismiss it and return to the previous screen. This was generally quicker than using the back button.

@maloki @shello @wolfie @Tusky At first I thought the ability to return to the timeline by swiping was gone, too. But it turns out due to the sensibility changes in swiping you have to be quite precise. Swiping a picture to return to the timeline still works (at least on my end)

@cptodin @maloki @shello @Tusky something I've just found is pinching the picture makes it go away and return to the timeline, not ideal for the way I hold my phone though


@wolfie @cptodin @maloki @shello @Tusky you just need to swipe vertically, this didn't change, only horizontal sensitivity might have changed

ยท ยท Pinafore ยท 2 ยท 0 ยท 1

@charlag @cptodin @maloki @shello @Tusky whatever direction I swipe a picture it doesn't leave, and the pinching only works if it's not too big

@charlag @wolfie @cptodin @maloki @Tusky OK, I've managed to replicate the dismiss with the swipe.
It works well even with 15 degree angles (from the vertical) short swipes (more like flicks), but longer swipes need to be within 2 degrees from the vertical to be recognised as a dismiss.

I guess the short term workaround is to do very small swipes, because those seem to work reliably.
Let's hope the upstream library changes this sensitivity issue soon.

@shello @charlag @cptodin @maloki @Tusky ah yeah I can just about replicate that, it doesn't quite move as expected and as I switch between tusky and twitter where pictures swipe as I'd expect I'm gonna be constantly frustrated till it's fixed ๐Ÿ˜…

@wolfie @shello @cptodin @maloki @Tusky yeah media viewer is a frankenstein's wreck and we also cannot fix horizontal sensitivity because it's Android library, sorry about that

@charlag I did discover a difference between current release and the nightly with the sideways swipe. So something is up with it.
Nightly is less sensitive for me.
I sent Conny some messages about it earlier. I can copy them to you or into an issue on github if you like?

@maloki sideways difference is there, we mitigated it but we can't fix it till the library is fixed. We discussed it in Matrix.

@charlag I know, but there's an actual difference between the released 10, and nightly.

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