Holy shit, you can create a disk which is ext2 and FAT at the same time

Non-techies be like "couldn't the disk be fat before?"

1. Steal link from lobsters
2. get boosts
3. ...
4. Communism!

@charlag nope, it was a disk from one of those playstation slim editions. No extra fat there.

@charlag ah yes. Going to the beach and taking the links right out of the claws of the lobsters. Or as I like to call it; URL fishing.

@charlag Have you tested this at all? I read the git but am not sure just how much testing went into the dual-fs. We know that odd things happen at times when something is in memory, but then a reboot or update kicks everything to the curb.

@springfield_oh I didn't try it out but the author says that they use different sectors

@charlag Only drawback: The contents are not synchronized between the partitions. That would really be cursed. ^^

True, but these days I'd argue Linux has better FAT32 support than Windows.

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