I'm not a fan of cryptocurrencies but if done right they have some advantages:
- no banks who know and report where and who
- no paypal or similar garbage who, again, know everything

Some things people don't know is that we don't need to burn a house each time we do a transaction. Most currencies these days use proof-of-work to achieve consensus and this... turns out not so well. There are other ways like proof-of-stake as well as giving up consensus and using blind signatures (like, I read not, Taler does).

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Ugh I really don't want to scare people who would think that I'm cryptocurrency nerd but I want to talk a little bit more about it, sorry.

I watched a video about GNU Taler and it looks great! It's a very cheap and cash-like thing which doesn't have your payment history embedded in blockchain forever. It is taxable because one can see what merchant makes. What? Do I hear "boo" from the black corner of the room? There's a catch! It's only taxable between people who don't trust each other!

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It means that I can share money with my friends without any overseeing, just like cash.

Also it doesn't have to be taxation by the state, it can be just an information for the community to see who hoards all the money.

It's from here, I didn't finish it yet:

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