Why Catalan/Scottish struggle is good? It is a struggle against the oppressive state. What's not good about it? It's nationalism.

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@charlag I know it's not completely applicable but if you consider how right wing the nationalist struggles against oppressive states have become in the former soviet union and formerly associated states, including east germany, it is very sobering. I don't think there's a "good nationalism". once the goal is reached, it will turn toxic.

@charlag I have opinions on this but I am not able to express them welll yet, especially not today

@charlag bad take. Nationalism as a form of resistance against imperialist oppression is in no way comparable to imperialist nationalism (e.g.: Latin America vs the US, Scotland vs England)

@charlag Independentism as it exists in the mainstream today only amounts to a change in masters. The SNP want 10 years of austerity to build an independent Scotland, same with Junts per Catalunya.

@charlag this doesn't mean independentism can't be radical, in Scotland there are several movements working to build independence from the bottom-up, in Catalunya there is the CUP, but one should be under no illusions that parliamentary rule closer to home is necessarily a first step towards greater change.

@charlag Do you mean Scotland should struggle against the UK state but not with the objective to obtain independence?

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