🎉 New blog post: The redesigned Blogccasion is live:


I've completely overhauled the design 🎨 and tech stack 👨‍💻of my blog Blogccasion—It's now based on @eleven_ty@twitter.com, uses modern CSS Grid layout, and leverages `prefers-color-scheme` 🌒 for its dark mode.


@tomayac nice, which webmentions are those? Did you think about supporting ActivityPub?

@charlag I followed the instructions from sia.codes/posts/webmentions-el and connected to Twitter and Mastodon. I'm new to ActivityPub and Webmentions, still need to read up on both. Do you have a good pointer? Thanks in advance!

@tomayac I'm not a pro myself but write.as/ and joinplu.me/ do implement it. I don't know if there's anything off-the-shelf

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