RMS pulls a serious power move (read: dick move), unilaterally appointing a maintainer to Guile without consulting the other co-maintainers or community, because the current co-maintainers disagree with him on governance lists.gnu.org/archive/html/gui

It's also worth reading @dthompson's followup here lists.gnu.org/archive/html/gui

David's experience is also mine; there's a reason I dropped my association as a "GNU hacker", which used to be the way I identified myself for some time.

For many people, I'm sure these things seem to be shocking, as if all of this is happening at once. I'm shocked by how fast things have devolved, but not the way they are, because I already saw and tried to change for years how bad it was until I gave up.

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Guile and Guix are two of the nicest places to be in GNU currently, and quite frankly some of the most interesting; as far as relevance of GNU as an organization that does new and interesting things, there's only a small handful of projects that I really feel excited about the developments of. (GNU in its early days, was a very innovative project, but after some time I think stopped putting effort there.)

If there's a future to hope for in GNU, its path forward is lead by those projects.

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@cwebber I cannot read responses, I start to boil. Spineless, disgusting techbroish abuse defenders.
We need something else than GNU. it's dead as an "operating system" project for a long time and association is a pain rather than benefit.

@charlag @cwebber What's particularly weird is the calls for keeping non-free-software politics out of GNU.

Because that is literally one of the reasons people give for why RMS should step down as leader of GNU!

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