When someone's disagreeing with you one of the first things they'll do is to scream "why are you dragging POLITICS into this?!!"

I seriously struggle to understand how climate crisis is political.
Your home is on fire, dumbass, do you think that putting it off is political?

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* fueled by all the ridicolous discussions about Tutanota team going on the protest on 20th and mentioning it in one of the emails. I really hoped for better feedback.

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@charlag They say that with literally any subject that makes them uncomfortable to acknowledge. :blobshrug:

@charlag It's political because the companies that are bribing politicians would make less profit.

@charlag I've only just noticed the woman near him twisting her neck horror-movie-like to look at him, as if she's all "What the fuck did you just say, you filthy shit?" :blobastonished:

What if it's a big hoax to create an imaginary better world, that fits everyone's hypocrisy, but costs us nothing?

By the way, is that Al Gore on the stage?
#climatechange #co2 #greenhouseeffect

I guess many people mistake what is political by some political party.
When you choose to stop beating the ass of your child, quit smoking, or not using a car, these are political decisions, arbitrary choices you takes with a social meaning. Not a directive you follow by a political party.

@clacke if you think that someone lacks basic decency, it's politics!

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