It's time to make this official:

Hi, I'm @maloki, and I've joined the #Tusky team.

My main focus will be answering you questions here, (check out our pinned posts), working on a FAQ, and figure out funding avenues.

I'll also work with the rest of the team @ConnyDuck , @charlag and other contributors, to move the project forward by listening to your feedback and trying to make your #MastoApp experience even better.

@Tusky @maloki @ConnyDuck @charlag Open source isn't about political censorship or control of peoples' speech. I knew when the big tech companies started getting involved in open source that the censorship would eventually arrive. People with that mindset should go back to closed source coding and walled gardens.


@fossviking yes, yes, tech is inherently apolitical, a-ha, please go away now

@charlag the Bay Area is political, but most of what is done there is regurgitate old ideas and take credit for others work.

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