‘wE WaNt ThE sCaNdInAvIaN mOdEl Of SoCiAlIsM, nOt ThE yUcKy LaTiNo KiNd😤”

News flash, y’all’s puffy pampered version of White socialism is FUNDED by the exploitation of LA and African Countries. That’s why any attempt Blk/Brwn folk make to give their countrymen the same shit y’all have is violently quashed by the same colonial militaries y’all hide behind. White Europeans aren’t ✌🏽more socialist✌🏽, y’all are just snootier colonizers.


@denikombucha I always thought they meant "not communism-socialism, but capitalism-socialism". They would even argue that Finland was almost always itself a colony but as it was a part of Swedish and then Russian empire, it doesn't hold I guess.

@charlag finland was not a colony in the same way as african and american nations were(/are). i'm finnish so i would know lol. outside of isoviha and russification, finnish citizens weren't any more oppressed than swedish or russian serfs in their own countries, just feudal subjects like most europeans in those days

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