"Why don't browsers allocate bigger stack?"
Because shitty online games which rely on stack overflows for obfuscation are breaking then, that's why. For reals.

That's why developing web apps is pain. And making pages is pain. We're tearing web apart with different goals and priorities and it sucks for all use cases.

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I am disappointed by this choice of the FF team but I also see why they're doing that - all those people will just switch to Chrome when their shitty games don't work in FF.

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I am so angry because I spent two days trying to solve a browser quirk and discarded the solution because of the stack overflow.

"guys we are doing encrypted email and we OOM but we don't know why because there's no memory profiler in the worker"
*silence for months*

Compared to:
"Online games obfuscated by the thing which uses debug statements and stack overflow is slower now"
"That's a BLOCKING bug!"

I don't know how Bugzilla works, apparently

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@charlag BTW, have you considered a "native" #GJS app? It's basically the same technologies as used in web browsers, but a little bit saner.

@amiloradovsky I would say that no one would consider that. We're no huge JS lovers, our resources are just very limited. Yes, I spent last week (and pretty much previous one) mostly fixing Safari bugs and we could just say "fuck it" if iOS app wasn't built on the same technologies.
API is not really documented but people built things on it.
It's hard to support two mobile apps, desktop apps on every platform and all major browsers with such a small team and you offer *just* a GNOME app.

@amiloradovsky I mean, you don't expect an email service to go and tell you "you need to install Linux with GNOME lol". That's fraction of fraction of tech-savvy users and not the way you give people secure communications.

@amiloradovsky and JS is such a performance problem by itself (handling binary blobs is so costly that we had to smash that into one big blob and iterate it specifically that I highly doubt that we would pick JS to build a native app if they day comes

@charlag I was thinking about #GNOME 3 and GJS only because it's supposedly easy to maintain in parallel to the Web apps. Also a closure / container image (AppImage) is something that may be portable enough. I don't know much about these things though.

@amiloradovsky we have am electron apl with appimage and now with flstpak

@charlag Yeah, it's not about supporting games, it's about supporting *obfuscation* that irritates me.

@charlag 🤦

I just want to leave all those people, who make these games and who play them, in a parallel universe, with which can have only very limited contact.

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