I think some people may not know that Google does Man In The Middle shit by default in mobile Chrome? They basically download everything to their servers and then send "optimized" to the client. SSL? HTTPS? Forget it.

There was an opt-out header which website owner could set but they're removing it.

This company doesn't know what privacy is. Or security.

So how could you avoid that?
1. Don't use Chrome on Android or
2. Disable "Data Saving" while you still can


That makes me vomit actually, and they have the guts to blame symantec for some mississued certificates when themself do fuckup after fuckup

@selea that's not fuckup, that's deliberate evil and they make it look like they don't understand what's the problem

@charlag You can disable this "feature" but it's still a big issue...

@finlaydag33k yeah, how many people do? How many are aware of consequences?

I would like to have a more robust opinion on this subject. Could you point me to the correct place to look at?

I'm really concerned about this topic.
Thanks 🙂

@txusinho I will ask my collegue to give me a link
But here's the (outdated) article on technology where they say they don't re-route secure connections (they do now afaik)

@charlag thank you very much for the time answering.

Uninstalling Chrome from every computer at home / family

@charlag No way Google is evil! Everyone and their mom loves them! How could they possibly do anything wrong?!

Did I put the cynicism well enough? :mastozany:

@charlag I'd say they know very well what it is and circumvent it on purpose.

@charlag Wow, do you have a source for this information? I saw they *proposed* to enable this at some point, but I would be very surprised that it's a default behavior.

@bnjbvr when you install it, they ask if you want it (or at least they were, didn't use it for some time) and I guess that most people just press "ok", that's "default" for me.
I'll come back with link to the issue in chromium repo tomorrow

@charlag okay yeah, that's what I've seen recently indeed. And you're probably right about this default choice...

@charlag by default? I though it was requiring the user to manually activate this feature. Can you verify this?

@charlag They know very well what privacy and security are - a central aspect of their business model is all about the minimisation of consumer's privacy and security.

@charlag Oh, they know what privacy is. It’s what they violate by design to make billions of dollars.

@charlag No shit!? So that's why Chrome was so damn slow while loading any website, on any connection. Just installed FOSS Browser from F-Droid, and everything loads *instantly*. Faster than on the desktop, in fact.

@claude well they say that they enable" light pages" only on slow connections but "data server" could do that too

@charlag "Slow connections" apparently include a wi-fi router two feet away from the phone.

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