I want to do a project in my city where people photograph a street and do a digital makeover regarding their dreams and visions (full artistic freedom). I hope to start a constructive discussion about citizen-based city planning.

I did not find any examples of what I imagine, so I made one ( #mastoart #solarpunk ). If you know of anything similar, please let me know. Some more examples would be helpful for initiating the project.

@dmk hey! While I'm very passionate about biking, I'm not sure that this street really needs biking lane. It is also a poor candidate for a walking street because facades are "dead": there are no business, this is where people sleep and here some spaces where people can come together I needed but there's not enough traffic for walking it seems
There's one Russian group which did a lot of projects:

@charlag Hey Charlag! Thanks for pointing out city4people.ru.

Regarding my drawing, it is only meant as a methodical example for what project I have in mind, people re-imagining their own streets and neighbourhoods.

Besides, I had my reasons why I drew it as it is now. First, the walkways were already there, only hidden by the cars. You are right, the facades are 'dead', which is why I incorporated some plants and a bench. Interestingly, a friend of mind told me about how lively this street was some decades ago, a kind of playground for the neighbourhoods children with only one or two cars parking there. Anyway, I introduced the red asphalt biking lane as a compromise, because it is a cobbled street now and the historic monuments protection authority would never agree to asphalt the whole street for making biking a viable option.

On a side note, my project idea was recently taken up by a local association and is now called #Straße_von_Morgen respectively #street_of_tomorrow


@dmk glad that the project has taken traction, forgive me if I made invalid assumptions!
May I ask which part of Hamburg it is (I assume it's Hamburg by your profile)?

@charlag Thanks and don't worry, we all have to work on some assumptions...
It is actually a street in Schwerin, the state capital of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (smallest state capital in Germany). Since it is not so well known, I go with Hamburg Metropolitan Region, which comprises #Schwerin as well.

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