Pleroma users should be aware that Pleroma has introduced breaking changes in their implementation of the Mastodon client API, which mean Toot! will no longer work at all with the latest version of Pleroma.

Pleroma is breaking some fundamental assumptions Toot! makes about IDs, and which can't easily be changed.

@WAHa_06x36 @tootapp What are they then? Mastodon sends its IDs as strings too because of JSON integer overflow

@Gargron @tootapp @WAHa_06x36 mastodon ids are sortable strings, new pleroma ids (flake ids) are sortable strings. I think if apps stop working they made assumptions that aren't valid according to the mastodon api docs.

@lain @Gargron @tootapp @WAHa_06x36 if they're still sortable as strings, Tusky will work just fine. Not sure why it should break any other client. Does anyone really convert them to integers?..


@tootapp l we do it as well for the same reason and I made sure that SQLite will do the thing I need.

What do you use for such persistence?

@charlag Custom hash table database, as no existing solution worked without massive bloat.

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