Pleroma users should be aware that Pleroma has introduced breaking changes in their implementation of the Mastodon client API, which mean Toot! will no longer work at all with the latest version of Pleroma.

Pleroma is breaking some fundamental assumptions Toot! makes about IDs, and which can't easily be changed.

@WAHa_06x36 @tootapp What are they then? Mastodon sends its IDs as strings too because of JSON integer overflow

@Gargron @tootapp @WAHa_06x36 mastodon ids are sortable strings, new pleroma ids (flake ids) are sortable strings. I think if apps stop working they made assumptions that aren't valid according to the mastodon api docs.

@lain @Gargron @tootapp @WAHa_06x36 if they're still sortable as strings, Tusky will work just fine. Not sure why it should break any other client. Does anyone really convert them to integers?..

@charlag Custom hash table database, as no existing solution worked without massive bloat.

@lain @charlag @Gargron @WAHa_06x36 Except Toot!, because you broke a core assumption of the Mastodon client API that I am relying on.

@tootapp @lain @Gargron @WAHa_06x36 could you... decode this number? It's still a number, right?

@charlag @lain @Gargron @WAHa_06x36 It’s too big to fit the hash table, and of course I have no guarantee Pleroma won’t just change its mind again.

@lain @charlag @Gargron @WAHa_06x36 I did check with Eugen that this is what is intended, and will remain the case for the foreseeable future.

@tootapp @WAHa_06x36 @Gargron @charlag yeah, it's unfortunate. I wish it could be otherwise, but these changes were necessary long term and are (as far as I can tell) still valid according to Mastodon docs.

@lain @charlag @Gargron @WAHa_06x36 Why though? 64 bit is enough for Mastodon, why not for you? There was no problem before, but now you have introduced one.

@DetectiveHyde @lain @Gargron @tootapp @WAHa_06x36 hey, please, let's keep it civil. I see that people are annoyed and people have their own reasons to do things the way they do and the real failure is that there's no real spec.
Let's work together to solve this if you want to or do not if you don't.

@charlag @WAHa_06x36 @tootapp @Gargron @lain I am being civil! the problem here is that he forgot that Mastodon™ sets the standard for anything activitypub related and that as a derivative work of Mastodon™, Pleroma should only implement features that bring itself into compliants with the standards set by Mastodon™.

@DetectiveHyde no, I'm going to mute you. I'm not a garg fan, far from it

@charlag Oh no, please don't mute me for being passive aggressive. I have learned my lesson and I now understand that Mastodon™ is the Light and the Way.

@lain @charlag @Gargron @WAHa_06x36 The only way Toot will ever work with Pleroma again is if you have a mapping back to 64 bits, though, or if you get back to being compatible with the API as it exists in Mastodon.

@tootapp @WAHa_06x36 @Gargron @charlag sure, you don't have to change your app, but we'll not switch back the ids.
@tootapp @lain @charlag @Gargron @WAHa_06x36

that's not really a problem: the apps we recommend people use are the ones we have certified as compatible anyway. we have never certified Toot as a Pleroma-compatible app precisely because of this attitude ;)
@tootapp @Gargron @charlag @lain
>you broke a core assumption of the Mastodon client API that I am relying on.
An assumption that isn’t anywhere in the API spec or docs. It’s your mistake, retard. Your app broke itself. You can fix it like Subway Toot is doing or you can keep throwing a tantrum and while everyone migrates since it breaks federation. No ones going to bend over for your “assumptions”

For iOS, I recommend Amaroq.

@miya @lain @Gargron @tootapp
calling someone names is a bad way to persuade someone but good way to be banned and to cause all discussion to be taken personally, instead of as a personal problem. Why random people jump in and start doing that? Is it some kind of a complex or what?

@charlag @tootapp @Gargron @lain the big whiney bazinga baby To “closed-source & DOA” ot! dev appears to be taking his personal assumptions pretty personally

@miya @charlag @lain @Gargron @tootapp
both of id="9" and id="101485946909733057" are valid id in Mastodon, also it's clear that "9" is older than "101485946909733057" by historical reason. this is not assumption. Pleroma introduce strcmp() instead of numeric compare, it breaks Mastodon API.

@miya @charlag @lain @Gargron @tootapp I wrote PR for mastodon API document and it's merged. now API document says ID is string representation of 64 bit integer and comparing order is numeric.

@tateisu @tootapp @Gargron @lain @charlag I thought the “doc isn’t a spec”. Why bother pushing a PR to force a narrative?

@miya @charlag @tootapp @lain @Gargron既にrevertされた 私のPRですが、それはAPI利用者に必要な記述という範囲の内部です。それまでundocumentedだった部分を記述しただけです。

@charlag @WAHa_06x36 @tootapp @Gargron @lain Tusky works just fine indeed, I'm sending this from it rn with the flake ids backend
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