I'm trying to take more control of my data (i.e. stop using Google for everything), so I'm trying to figure out what to do.

Does anyone know of a checklist or an extensive guide to self-hosting and related things?

I've looked into a few services but it's confusing, there are so many things out there. Does anyone use NextCloud?

@mprv Do you have specific data that youd like to bring under your control? Any specific services youd like to turn off?

We ask mainly because the self hosting stuff is full of technical detail, how to guides and can be quite overwhelming initially...

NextCloud is a great choice that gives a good basis and starting point for breaking free of other providers. For our project we recommend NextCloud over other options to our users.

The list @Are0h posted is also good, we see more than a few great projects listed there. Just be mindful some projects we saw on the list are defunkt/generally dead.

c/ @charlag

The main things would be photos (and I would also like a simple way to share them with friends), notes and files (to replace Dropbox).

@charlag @Are0h

@Are0h @charlag @mprv thats definitely nextcloud

we've got piwigo on our long term list for photo stuff but havent done anything with it yet.

@cloud @mprv @Are0h in my experience browsing photos on Nextcloud sucks but otherwise yes, that's what you're asking for

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