My blog is somehow dead so let's try to fit it here.
There's a post about Guix

I just wanted to say that the concept is really nice. I bet it is also very practical with one condition: you're a programmer. Really, you cannot use it if you cannot write simple Guile.
Programmers are a privileged class in IT and I'm not interesting in supporting yet another system for them. I'm interested in letting normal people leave non-free OSes behind.


I don't say that there's no place for software for "power users". There is, it is a big problem that such software is often expensive and proprietary.
But more often FOSS is missing **usable** software. If your software is unusable by non-it folk, it's empowering only this privileged class.
For decades the response was "learn to be a hacker". This is the same as "fuck off" for most people and especially for oppressed people.

@charlag I don't agree with you on that one.

Guix/Nix are tools enabling developpers to distribute software to the end users. This is just a building block really.

We have some trouble packaging complex stuff in a reproducible way. Nix/Guix are the best we could come up with so far.

Package maintainers need to be able to write guile, the end user is not. You currently need to write a lot of guile/nix code mostly because we lack derivations for the mostly used software.

Guix is more of a R&D project than anything else ATM. Nothing prevents us to create a synaptics-like frontend to Guix and a ubuntu-like pre-configured Guixsd distribution.

@charlag ...that sounds great as a feature set for managed software deployment but i have no interest in allowing anywhere near a computer that humans need to use 😅

@charlag all of this, yes, absolutely.

Free Software for everybody is what we're trying to do in #GNOME.

(Whether we're succeeding is a different question 😝)

@mathieu I believe that GNOME is one of the best examples of user friendly software! Despite people whining that they want old stuff GNOME was continuing building what they knew was right. And it gets better and better.

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