Don't forget that you all are writing new chapter in the internet history just by being on Fediverse. Its emergence is best thing that happened to the cyberspace in a loooong time IMO.

I mean, people will have nostalgia about this place and time and capitalists will try to exploit it in ten years and you can have it all now and improve it and put yourself out there. It is going to be a myth and all these queer people will seem 10x more badass.

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Also I want to send hug-beams to all of you, you've been with me in my lowest and I want to give back as much as I can.
This is a random and warm feeling and I absolutely love it.

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@charlag hugbeams right back at you! (As in recieved and reciprocated, not like mirrored)

@charlag isn't that what happens with most bohemias though

@charlag We are changing, and are going to change the world.

Restore the future.


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