Tested Signal app on Ubuntu Touch. Needed a little bit of fiddling to set it up, and the app settings are sparse, but the basics are there and it works ! 👌 A happy surprise.
#ubports #signal That makes me think about the legal state of the app. The Signal lead developer was threatening LibreSignal project with a court-case as far as I remember, among others because he didn't want 3rd party apps to use the Signal servers. Have things changed in the mean time ?

@charlag @Ajz lol, fuck Signal for a lot of things, biggest one being... being... being Signal.
To be honest if he didn't want third party apps to use the Signal servers he could have made better clients, but on the other side of the medal I'm not sure I would be proud of having people believe and rely on my service if that service was Signal.

@hellpie @Ajz you cannot please anyone and I don't care how good your client is if you're an asshole

@charlag @Ajz honestly there are several levels of "asshole" one can reach before the developer becomes part of the user experience if the product is good enough, but Signal sadly never was good enough to justify being developed by an asshole. Signal had the dumbest CVEs, the loosiest definition of quality and a lackluster set of fully functional features to justify using it, on top of that, accounting for the asshole developing it Signal becomes something to "never consider" especially because unfinished and flawed products mean lots, and a real lot of lots, of bug reporting and feature requests.
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