Some of you may already have seen . It is a re-design of Low-Tech Magazine that I did together with Marie Otsuka and Lauren Campbell. After a few months of working on it I'm happy its out in public, survived the attention and creating discussions!

and its double plus good that it was on the fediverse that the news broke :)

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@rra Don't know if you seen it, but there has been some discussion about it there [1]. PM me if you need an invite ;)


@Ninjatrappeur its hard to keep up with these discussion threads but there are some interesting comments there! I wouldn't mind an invite. By the way, in case you are active in the discussion at lobsters, I've made a lengthy response over on grid powered lowtech magazine adressing most questions :

@rra Totally agree with you regarding redundancy. It does not really make sense in a context where energy becomes a scarce resource.

To me, it seems HTTP is a pretty terrible protocol if we assume we can't provide a 100% uptime. I've been trying out some post-internet compatible communication protocols lately.

I think we should design such things to still be able to communicate in a global scale, even if internet becomes too energy expensive to maintain.

Interoperability will be really tricky to reach after (if?) the internet goes down.

Secure Scuttlebutt seems pretty interesting: it lets you synchronize with the network in a disconnected manner. It is compatible with small mesh networks and/or cuban pakete-style cold transfers.

It is still a pretty recent project and has some shortcomings:

- you can't have any kind of forward secrecy when using private messages.
- you can't use multiple devices for a same identity.
- the current implementation are a performance hog (electron-based...)

However, the community is pretty active and works toward fixing those shortcomings.

Have you tested it?

I just sent you a lobsters invite to the mail you used to respond to my feedback.


@Ninjatrappeur @rra @sifr sorry for jumping in:
SSB is a protocol. Only some clients are Electron based.
What is really a PITA is that you cannot ever delete anything and you have to download full history of a user because it is a hecking blockchain-like structure.

@charlag @sifr @rra @Ninjatrappeur

Actually you don't have to download the whole history, clients may jump in at any point in time. It's not that you need to verify every post a user ever made. All posts are signed by the author's priv key so they can be validated individually.

@ckeen @sifr @rra @Ninjatrappeur hm, pardon me if I wrong then. I Rennes that the client I uses did that and I made wrong assumptions

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