Can I emphasize one more time how cool Blokada is?
You don't know it but your phone is *full* of trackers. It's not better than the web. I thought that we don't have any tools to deal with it - after all, it's not a browser. But turns out there are!
Blokada works as a VPN but locally. It has a blacklist (which you can change) and it just blocks all connections to trackers or ads. It works wonderfully.

Of course Google wouldn't let it in the Play Store.

When you write a longpost and don't put CW on it and your notifications column is full of this post 😥

@charlag So there's no speed decrease at all, because it's all blocked locally? #blokada

@charlag Does it work without root? I thought all the good ad blockers (it also blocks ads, right?) require root. Except the Brave browser.

Does it need a lot of rights? #blokada

@hinterwaeldler it needs no permissions, it's just a local DNS so no speed decrease

@charlag I tried it, but here's the thing: you cannot use Blokada, NetGuard, and OpenVPN all at the same time.
That's literally the only reason why I still root my devices, to have AdAway and AFWall+ doing ad blocking and internet access control, and have OpenVPN using Android's VPN interface.

@Nuntius @charlag

I've been using DNS66 which sounds like its doing the same thing, except it doesnt log stuff it blocks. Will check out Blokada.

The limitation of only one app being able to use the android VPN functionality is a limitation. I think it would be possible, and nice, to write something which would manage multiple apps to connect via this.

@dazinism @Nuntius VPN works on the system level, it's not really possible to pipe them on the client level

@charlag okay so it has so far blocked some telemetry request from a mozilla server and several ads that I tried to watch in my fav game to make progress 😃
Will keep it and see what else it blocks.

@pinkprius you can control blocklists as you wish so if something breaks you can disable it (or disable it altogether while playing)
I use it for a couple of weeks and it blocked 49344 requests for me

@charlag nice, I hadn't heard of blokada. Definitely trying it out.

@charlag Unfortunately you can't run it simultaneously with another VPN

@Alonealastalovedalongthe sorry, I'm not sure why! Maybe you can try downloading apk separately?

@charlag Replying to see if anyone knows how this compares to AdGuard Pro on iOS, or if there’s something better to check out?

@codydh from what I can see...
1. Blokada is a Free software
2. Blokada works as (local) VPN, AdGuard works as DNS (is it local?)

@charlag I think AdGuard is open source for part of their product, but not sure about the Pro components. It does offer DNS, but you can use it without that and instead just use block lists with a local VPN.

@charlag Thanks! I've put it on now. It has vastly improved the load and readability of certain news sites.
I have a very cheap Blu phone that I simply use as a tiny tablet.

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