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If I don't follow you or know you, please write me a short message - how did you find me or even better, something about yourself. We can get to know each other better this way. Thanks!

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#MondayJam #ComposeWithMe #MusicCollab

[C – G# – Gm – F
Cm – G# – Gm – F] x3

Cm – G# – Gm – F
C – G# – Gm – G#

"I won't be able to run some apps on my custom ROM that's why I'm buying a Linux phone where there are no such apps at all" is a Galaxy Brain time.

(you don't need to explain to me that they want to wrestle the power out of Android)

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coffee thoughts 

seeing a lot of sharing of texts written by Blk folks from the 20th century

That's good.

But that still isn't enough...Ppl think performative readings of Fanon are going to get them to understand whats happening here bc a couple other Blk folks read it.

You can't perform nor simply read your way out of racism. Theory + self reflexivity + praxis

aka yea ok you read Malcolm's autobiography & youre still antiblk, whats good??

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If being a septic tank pumper paid the same as being a CEO, I don’t think that would create a shortage of septic tank pumpers

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"Is something on your mind?" He leant back against the oak tree, its bark rough but soothing against his back.

"I just feel like I'm going nowhere." he replied, looking up at the leaves glinting as the sunlight filtered through them to the ground below. "I wish things could happen faster."

"Some things take as long as they need to, but that doesn't make the results any less impressive. I know that from an expert." He grinned and patted the tree trunk.

#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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wow this put into words and made me realize what's so insidious about the notion of "cancel culture".

it's just the media and the powerful being worried that they don't have total control over who gets cancelled anymore

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don't forget that nearly every enjoyment you have outside of work is because someone fought for it. that every benefit is because someone fought for it.

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at one point the judge was a bit thrown off and was like "you...uh...sure picked a lot of names."
well guess what, it's fucking capitalism! if i'm paying once i better get the most out of it! also, andromeda is a pretty nice 4th name to have.

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i don't remember if I posted about this but I forgot my keyboard at home this week and I tried to work without it for an hour, gave up and biked home during the heavy rain to get it.
it's this good.

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bad news for android users 

the android rebels take another blow from google safetynet, this time in the form of hardware attestation. this will make it almoat impossible to use some apps, like banking apps and online games, if you use a custom rom, unlock your bootloader, or enable root access

I saw a dog in a bike basket cage when entering a supermarket and it was so cute but I couldn't take a photo.

but! When I was going out of it there was another one!

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I'm having a bad pain day and Ziggy hasn't moved from my side for hours. Its like he knows. I love him so much.

Violets are blue
Roses are red
I want to see
Billionaires ded

aliens are always coming to US because no one else is using Fahrenheit

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In his 2019 book Dignity, Chris Arnade left his Wall Street job and traveled America, talking to poor, marginalized people, mostly at McDonald's restaurants.

Now, in a new essay for American Compass, Arnade delves into the "rotten culture of the rich."


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Emoji request to make fedi more accessible and friendly 

Something that came out of last night's conversations is that some people might benefit from an emoji that acknowledges their image isn't described and invites help from someone else in adding one.

I can't make emojis, but I thought something like this little icon that shows up in the corner when you upload an image (turns blue once you've added a description) might make a good one. Open to suggestions/volunteers though!


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