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If I don't follow you or know you, please write me a short message - how did you find me or even better, something about yourself. We can get to know each other better this way. Thanks!

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I should probably write a blog post about that but without publishing it on Medium it will probably be seen by like 2 people

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would you be annoyed if someone replied to your toot with a caption for your image without tagging you in the reply (this is a thing you can do on mastodon - you create a reply but delete the @ of the person you're replying to)

it's something i consider doing every once in a while when i want to boost something uncaptioned, but i usually just opt to not boost the thing

replies to this are welcome, boosts appreciated

wow I know how to generate kotlin code properly now

sometimes I wish we had reactions so that it would be possible to send some reaction for "I've read this and I hear you but I don't know what to say"

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fruits of today’s labor and a two part stencil.

[image description] a rectangular patch printed with black fabric paint on off white fabric. it’s a scroll which reads “if it ain’t cheap, it ain’t punk”]

I wonder if any Germans here are in Deutsch Mieterbund. I know they cam offer real help but idk how they are organized.

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What a bright and beautiful day to join the Autonomous Tenants Union Network

I'm sorry if I did "did you know our government is also very bad" thing.
It's p annoying to read but... it's just pain. LIke people from the US feel. It's different but also... it's the same

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Transphobia, Rape, RUspol 

The gist of laws is as follows:
Every transgender person must have their assigned at birth shit marked in their passport, subsequently any authority that registers change in the civic status (marriage, etc) must not allow two people with same assigned gender to marry, at all.

This is extremely fucked up.
There's absolute silence about this.

Fuck, even Poland gets more coverage when trasphobic shit goes down there, I'm fucking dissapointed.

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Transphobia, Rape, RUspol 

People say you wanted a CW on this, I say ok fuckheads, as long as you actually spread that around.

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Tonight’s humours is photo: One man and his cat... 🎶 went across.... 🎶 (not a meadow!) #cat #bicycle

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Ich hör gerade von Personenkontrollen, bei denen die Polizei die Ausweise der Kontrollierten abfotografiert. Kann mir dazu jemand ne _qualifizierte_ rechtliche Einschätzung geben? Auf GuteFrage rumgoogeln kann ich selber, bitte nur Leute mit fundiertem Wissen.

I started doing German again there, something that I thought would be below me but as I'm doing absolutely nothing, it is infinitely better than doing nothing.
They also improved quite a lot in recent years with access to the materials and improved lessons.
I am also remembering that I have no attention whatsoever and I can't read so I make stupid mistakes.

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Nice that Duolingo added Finnish
Something that would help me a lot few years ago.

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Hey! Hey Jess! Hey! Jessie, hey! Hey Jess! Hey!


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German, Historie, Eisenbahnen, DB 

Heute gelesen, dass um 1830 die erste kommerzielle Bahnlinie in Betrieb ging und es um 1850 schon rund 40.000 Kilometer Schienennetz gab.

Zum Vergleich: Die DB unterhielt 2019 ca. 33.400 km Schiene.

Wenn die das vor fast zweihundert Jahren ausm Boden gestampft gekriegt haben, scheint das eigentlich nicht zu ambitioniert, um mal einen ähnlichen 20-Jahres-Plan aufzulegen, oder? :D

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Dear westerners,

Who the fuck came up with name Buckwheat/Buchweizen?
I just brought home a huge ass packet of buckwheat flour instead of a normal one.
My wife is very proud of me.

Sincerely Yours,
Гречка lover

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'real name'? actually i dont like people who are so eager to involve the government,

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