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If I don't follow you or know you, please write me a short message - how did you find me or even better, something about yourself. We can get to know each other better this way. Thanks!

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On the theme of fedi software...
Have you seen Kibou? It's a small AP server in Rust which supports Masto API

Thanks to @tastytea I learned about
It's a curious project!

- supports C2S API
- onion and dat (!) support
- Designed for intermittent connectivity

I wonder what "Implemented in a common language (Python 3)" is supposed to mean tho lol
Also database is a JSON file because ??? SQLite wouldn't do?...

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From 1936 in Spain to 2019 in Rojava, Internationalism is still alive!

We published a letter (eng) from Spanish-speaking Internationalists who present their new blog: Buen Camino. …

Find their blog in Spanish: 

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23. necromancer. baby's first resurrection! this is another personal favorite.

#inktober #illustration #characterdesign #mastoart

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La Cinètika is so cool comrades, holy shit. It's this old cinema that ended up abandoned and boarded up, so anarchists squatted it and now it's a huge fuckin community centre that screens regular films free-of-charge and hosts a bunch of other community initiatives like the Sindicat d'Habitatge (a radical tenants' union that advises people on squatting), a free shop that anybody can take from or donate to and even a fuckin self-defense class that takes place in the lobby

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So I don't know how it works yet but is apparently a peer-to-peer code collaboration tool built on top of IPFS and some kind of deterministic lisp.

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Reminder that from 12/10 to 12/13, there's a Youtube strike! Never cross a picket line, least of all here, an industry that relies on *your* eyes and *your* clicks.

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Maybe I can drop them off somewhere in Vienna? #36c3

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@Cedara @charlag
I just want to throw the word nibling in here. It means niece or nephew, and is useful in the plural even if they're all binary girls and boys. It's a lovely and underused word, and a quick Google says it's been around since 1951, so it's not some newfangled internet thing.

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@charlag @error_1202 @f0x "fam" probably is more widely used in areas with crossover from AAVE. i live in the southern US so it's very common to hear it around here. also it's not strictly religious but the comradely way of saying "brother" or "sister" is an outgrowth of the religious usage.

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@charlag @error_1202 @f0x oh, you mean like "brothers and sisters under god" kind of usage? i think "fam" (family) is kind of like that instead.

I don't repeat it often enough but if you have / / I'm almost always glad to answer them.

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@charlag @f0x It's acquiring more informality lately, I think, because it's being used more for specific individuals rather than just groups (like as a shorter way of saying "all my brothers and sisters") or hypotheticals (like "do you have any siblings?").

It's like "spouse," which I never used to hear said about one specific person but it's increasingly common, at least among subcultures that include non-binary people or just people who want to use less gendered language.

What's the sister/brother but genderless?
(German would also be good)
sibling is not the thing I think?

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Some updates on federation:

The code powering the demo in the previous toot has been merged in the develop branch and deployed on

This means that any public track published on can be searched from Mastodon and played via a single click.

I'm still looking for a way to have Mastodon embed the track directly via its audio player, but I'm going to call it a day ;)

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Where can I find documentation on the /api/v1/accounts/:accountId/identity_proofs api? What fields are nullable etc @Gargron

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