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If I don't follow you or know you, please write me a short message - how did you find me or even better, something about yourself. We can get to know each other better this way. Thanks!

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I finished it?
I did almost all puzzles myself, except for one which I could even barely repeat from letsplay. Also I looked up some things for the epilogue but there's nothing "puzzly" there.
I think it'a kinda pretentious? It tries to be very deep by being vague but it does it well.
All the drawn art is amazing. Music is awesome. Linda shocks me that it's from 2008.

I bought Braid
And it wasn't starting
I deleted (probably ancient) and it works

A good video on Braid
(with some spoilers)
I want to Try Again To Finish It.

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on ableism 

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"Why <details> is Not an Accordion" by Dave Rupert

Captures a lot of my frustrations with HTML. Add "virtual list" to the list of elements I just wish were baked into the platform.

How can you say that it's an echo chamber here when we have anarchists AND communists?

We even had one ancap for some time!

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Mein Kaffee braucht heute einen Kaffee

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a freelancer is actually a highly trained mounted warrior who holds no allegiance to a lord

Is it weird to, like, miss real winter and stuff? Snow and REAL cold?
I kinda feel it but can't explain it.

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Day 3 without #YouTube
I'm not even doing for the #YouTubeStrike anymore

It was just a huge time suck in the middle of the week and I wasn't getting enough done

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US politics; Immigration; Christianity 

hello from the other side, my laptop didn't explode. Don't know what they do with Linux these days, I've had only successful upgrades for two years or so

"Model Metropolis" is a good article about pseudoscientific garbage used as an argument for shitty neoliberal policies.

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"Broke: Trickle Down Economics.
Woke: Pinata Economics. It's like Trickle Down Economics, except instead of fruitlessly waiting for the wealth to "trickle down," you beat the rich with a stick, until the money comes flowing out."

- The Millennial Snowflake @Teh_Snowflake

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