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If I don't follow you or know you, please write me a short message - how did you find me or even better, something about yourself. We can get to know each other better this way. Thanks!

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The #federated #blogging engine, #Plume, has got a fresh new website:

It is one of the most complete #activitypub projects still in alpha stage, and looking very neat too.

Things to do to help the project:

- contribute financially
- make a translation
- launch an instance

There are already some stable and updated Plume #instances running right now:, or, or, as well as, more soon.

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"Widespread Blurring of Satellite Images Reveals Secret Facilities in Israel and Turkey

By complying with requests to selectively obscure military facilities, the mapping service [Yandex Maps] has actually revealed their precise locations, perimeters, and potential function to anyone curious enough to find them all."
#Yandex #Maps #Military #OSINT

There's something about Quartz... like they try to be good, write about Africa & India more but there's some annoying shallowness and neoliberalism

*opens Quartz*
Fortnite is a social space the way skateparks and Facebook used to be
*closes Quartz*

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trying compiled-to-js languages, i better realized that modern js itself is not that bad. it's a bit strange, has some problems, but it's fast, has great jit compilers and enforcing concurrency is sometimes even good.

but browsers, dom, web apis are painful. pure js infrastructure is too, maybe these are problems of a language which is too easy to start coding in, while being not so easy to write good code in.

anyway, we are here and have to somehow deal with it.

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Who’s a good boy? It’s this little dung-muncher! 😋

Odie’s the best mate I could’ve wished for, he’s like a sibling to me and I love him dearly.
He’s a very chill doggo, therefore scared easily by sudden noises (like when I’m putting away dishes), that’s why I’m tiptoeing none stop and try to make no sound. ☺️

He’s a huge fella – see that for tree for comparison. Massive! 🤪

Special tricks:
• Bang!/Play Dead
• High Five
• »Say Woof!« (he actually says woof)

#MastoDogs #MastoPets #PetToots

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It's crazy now to think that to sell Twitter there must have been invented term "microblogging". obviously it has nothing to do with blogging in the "classical sense".
Now how do we sell blogging again? Macrotweeting?

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#TIL that the philosopher William James experienced great depression due to the notion that free will is an illusion. He brought himself out of it by realizing, since nobody seemed able to prove whether it was real or not, that he could simply choose to believe it was. -

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Bunnies are adorable in carefully trimmed and cropped videos but please think very hard before considering getting one. What you see is not what you get.

They are complex to keep, not nearly as docile as most think, are a 10yr commitment, and in the UK alone a whopping *75%* end up neglected or in bad health from poor care. #bunnies #rabbits

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Something that figured out like 10 years ago, almighty AI empire just cannot do, that's funny.

These recommendations... "oh, it's night, that's what hooooomans listen at night, you will definitely like it"
"CHRISTMAS, you definitely didn't hear enough of this"

It all sounds like some manager sold the idea of some AI recommendations but it turned out super stupid.

Any music service Google makes turns out to be very bad robotic thingy, imitation at best.

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"you wouldn't download a" trivia (cw: sketchy business practices) Show more

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#WeCo, #platformcoop replacement for Reddit is shifting from Google Analytics to something more ethical.

As we are governed and owned by us users, there is a binding poll on what alternative we should use here:

Anyone can register and vote in the poll or add a new option.

If there are other ways we can improve our privacy and be more ethical, message me or propose it on WeCo.

Here is a link describing how our democratic user governance works.

I have no idea why I like stoner rock at times. Radio Moscow anyone?

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