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If I don't follow you or know you, please write me a short message - how did you find me or even better, something about yourself. We can get to know each other better this way. Thanks!

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I looked up Community Garden on Wikipedia and through some outaded links found not only a community garden but a whole cool things really close to me:

I don't know how could I miss them for so long.

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Afro-Syndicalist's take on the revolutionary potential of Community Gardens is fuckin fire.
If we're creating a truly bottom-up movement, we need to satisfy peoples' basic needs first and foremost. :greensun:

Didn't play TF2 so poorly for a long time.

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me: defeats the boss and collects all of the loot that drops
the rest of the people at my workplace: :pika_surprise:

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@charlag I'm working on a multi part article that dives into the details and history, because there are a lot of them.

it boils down to "fully decentralized transport, identity, and storage" is a complex and difficult problem with no clear solution. as such, there is also insifficient consensus to develop a standard for this problem either. like, p2p internet is only in the research phase at this point in time so what you're looking at is a bunch of prototypes.

Can someone enlighten me, what's the difference between GNUnet, Freenet and Retroshare?
There seem to be a big overlap with SSB and ipfs too.

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Copypasting this to the #XR and #ExtinctionRebellion hashtags:

XR Scotland just did a surprisingly awesome thing, publishing the statement On Class and Climate Struggle: Decolonising XR. They also provided a very good list of critiques of XR on the topic.


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gender? honestly i couldn't gend any less~

[ editor's note: i totally could but i'm workin' on that 😣 ]

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nature, parasites 

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Doing something well usually takes time
Like shitton of tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime
And it's so rare that we have it
And "doing one thing and doing it well" is not always the right thing to do. Sometimes doing something poorly helps a lot of people.

Social network
But It works over ActivityPub
But it works over email
But it works over Olm/Signal Protocol

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