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If I don't follow you or know you, please write me a short message - how did you find me or even better, something about yourself. We can get to know each other better this way. Thanks!

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musing about work 

I once saw someone mentioning plumbers and good fuckin grief was it clear the most time they'd ever spent talking to a plumber was directing them to their broken toilet or some shit.

You talk to a plumber for more than a minute and you'll know just how much passion people have for that trade.

And they say this same shit about farmers, doctors and nurses, sanitation workers... are they just thinking "well I would never want to do this" and projecting that onto everyone, assuming that nobody would ever want to do those things

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musing about work 

I always find it amusing whenever people ask "how would X get done in a non-state/non-capitalist society?" then list a bunch of jobs that they assume workers hate and would never do without getting paid...

but they always list jobs that, if they had ever talked to anyone working in that sector, would know that the people working that job love what they do. What they hate is usually the precarity, lack of adequate compensation, shitty working conditions, all things mandated by the profit-seekers at the top

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Checked Protinmail Android app yesterday and it doesn't encrypt anything with fingerprints afaik, it's just to not let you open the app which is underwhelming and odd.

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need financial help, boosts appreciated, a bit urgent 

Hey, I mismanaged my money again by making calculation mistakes and not anticipating getting certain fees and I'm kinda fucked right now. I'm overdrawn on my food account and late on rent :/

I could do with less I think but I think getting 400€ total would keep me safe and put me back on track financially so I can get a fresh start.

You can send me money through PayPal:

If you can't, my Ko-Fi takes card payments:

Boosts are also super appreciated. Even if you can't send money, they help a ton.

cc @mutualaid

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After completing the short story anthology "The Beast Within" I needed to draw a vampire. This lady is the result. The pure black and white ink drawing felt a bit lacking, so I added grey and white highlight. :)

#art #mastoart #ink #inkdrawing #vampire #VampireTheMasquerade

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A friend of mine living in JP managed to get a pretty good deal on 2014-era karaoke machines due to COVID, and reverse engineered them.
It's nuts. SO nuts. Japanese engineers lived up to their name. It's so incredibly overengineered hardware, I can't hate them in this day and age of software. EVERYTHING is done in hardware.
I'm in awe. And they're not online-only junkboxes either, they're proper offline-only devices.
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To give you an idea: there's a Tegra 2 chip that's used as management, and composes lyrics and video on screen. Which loads up and initializes the custom sound board. Now, karaoke still uses General MIDI, because it's the obvious way to do this. So, do you think they'd just use Fluidsynth or even Timidity? Of course not, CUSTOM HARDWARE MIDI SYNTH BASED ON ROLAND'S CHIPS! IN 2014! WITH SOUNDFONTS!
Microphone echo and effects? Hardware.
Do you like Hitachi SH2 chips? THEY'VE GOT 2!
Think they're just dumb online-only boxes? Nope. FULLY OFFLINE. ~3TB of MIDI + music video data that gets synced every once in a while!

Those machines have a front panel. Think they just wire a display over LVDS? Hahahaha. No. Custom board that's running Android, which is connected to the main Tegra chip via USB and Ethernet. Oh, and as for the video data, THERE'S A HARDWARE OVERLAY CHIP TO OVERLAY BOTH SIGNALS TOGETHER! JUST FOR THE FRONT PANEL DISPLAY! AAAAAAAA!
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comics, witchery, :100_gay:​ 

every so often I read something that makes me feel like, dunno the backstory but this author gets magic. (it's not often a thing that happens reading sci-fi; that's how I became a fantasy fangirl).

is it just me or is that happening a lot with comics lately?
dunno what it says about the state of the world, though I have ideas. four pages from Sas Milledge's "Mamo". Some prefer nettles.

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If I were to make a desktop app for keeping track of hrt, calculating how long stuff will last, injection peaks, whatever, what sort of features do you think would be good?

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question : singing warmups 

Heeeyyy people, so I'm gonna ask for your help again…

As a part of my therapy, I'm working on 'unblocking' myself from singing (which I really love but, heh, anxiety). Sooooo this is starting well but I've just realized there is one 'big' problem : warmups.

I have *always* been anxious about not doing my 'singing warmups' well when I didn't have my teacher at hand (and now I no longer have a singing teacher, so…).

So does any of you know of really good resources for that? Like good voice warmups that you can't not do good, or something ?

My fear is to somehow mess up my voice if I don't do it well… or of course if I don't at all.

Boosts are really appreciated !! Thank you :3

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Zapatistas Abducted in Chiapas

José Antonio Sánchez Juárez and Sebastián Núñez Pérez, members of the Junta de Buen Gobierno Patria Nueva, Caracol 10, were kidnapped on 11.9. We demand their immediate release!

Callout to take action this weekend and post photos on social media on Sunday 19.9 between 1700-19:00 CET under these hashtags:

#DondeEstaJoseAntonio #DondeEstaSebastian

#LaGiraZapatistaVA #EZLN #CNI #CIG #FPDTAMPT #NetzDerRebellion

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uspol / covid / reflection on the role of the state 

@bulkington @polymerwitch we have a real problem with this false dichotomy between "the state issues orders and everyone follows" and "everyone just does whatever they want". They're obviously both trash. In my social circles, it has been common take far greater precautions than anything that the state suggested because we know the state acts on behalf of capitalism.

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uspol / covid / reflection on the role of the state 

It's really odd to me that some leftists are looking back at the last two years, readily admitting that the state bungled the response to the pandemic, and see it as evidence that a strong state is needed to address challenges like pandemics.

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