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The autistic urge to apologize after every social interaction you ever have

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block recommendation for for low-effort antiblackness

"they" in this case is the admins



*plays the menacing theme from If You Were There Beware*
*gets alarmed*

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Urgent: help with bills 

I'm an #ActuallyAutistic individual with white privilege recovering from a major injury that has prevented me working my usual retail gig.

I forgot about my Adobe subscription and am now overdrawn by $25. Bank charges $25 for overdraughts. I also have storage ($215) coming up really soon and need community support to prevent my stuff from being auctioned off. Can you help?

Please give to a Black, Indigenous, or otherwise racially marginalized person first.


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* ads are waste of energy

* companies factor ad spendings into their prices, we literally pay for this shit

* public ads are ugly and distracting, and they consume public space which otherwise can be dedicated to art or communication

* ads fund bullshit, they're literally socialism for capitalists

* ads misinform consumers and propagate consumerism

* ads fund bigots

* ads are ugly annoying and unnecessary, and serve no purpose that is good for society

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FediBlock: trans-/queermisia, racism, etc.

in essence, all users interact with kiwifarms users and ramble on about hating minorities, especially trans folks.

be advised: the screenshots contain slurs and other crap.

#FediBlock :fedi_block:

if you are aching, I want it to get better for you very bad 💚

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what're the reasonable alternatives to patreon these days for ongoing donations?

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germbany laws question 

hmm so ive been duck duck googling and i cant find a good answer to this question

is a stiletto dagger with a static non-moving but sharp-ish 20cm blade (2 sharp edges) that would only be used indoors for Non-Murderous purposes fine? I know that other types of daggers are fine as long as the blade can't be hidden and extended with one hand, but I'm not sure about this one

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a polish word for "deadname" is "nekronim" (literally "necronym") and that sounds metal af imo

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*opens lobsters*
*takes 15 psychic damage*

"Oh 18°, decent temperature WHAT it will be 30°"
"And tomorrow will be 30"
"And day after tomorrow will be 30, fuck"

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the dog day care in sf that my sister takes lula does bday parties for the dogs and they’ll do an entire carousel of each dog with a slice of cake in front of their face. well. the carousel’s ultimate pic was of lula and i don’t think there’s ever been a more fitting representation of our chaos baby.

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twitter has how takes
we have hot trans people
we are not the same

You ever awake at like 5:30 AM thinking that some people are so cool it blows your mind 🤯

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pandemics won't be solved by relying on personal responsibility any more than climate change will. boycotting plastic straws and individually wearing a face covering isn't a replacement for systemic change. don't let those with power shift your anger away from them

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