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If you're like me and you remember people mostly by userpics here's what happened in the last few days

I wonder if this "warm" "garage" sound I like for a long time (like old The Black Keys, like Cat Seat Headset, like Radio Moscow, like more things I can't remember) is actually lo-fi.
Because this lofi hip hop radio actually calms me down a lot.
I mean, I'm typing rn and my eye does not twitch, that's something?

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Baby turtles are cool. This has been a public service announcement.

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I wrote a rust program to optimize SVGs.

Problem is: it optimizes them too well.

By which I mean: the program doesn't work and it just deletes the entire text of the SVG.

Very small filesize though so I guess there's a bright side?

@kaniini hi
sorry if it's a stupid question
can u put image descriptions with Pleroma (I mean both backed and FE)?
I've searched git but didn't find the issue

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Bonus points if it's not blocked here lol

Okay, what are your VPN recommendations?
I'm staying here for at least a month and it's getting more ridiculous every day.
It may also be useful in the future

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โ”โ”“ โ•ฑโ•ฒ this house Show more

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This may actually be a good time to appreciate services like


for setting up your own instance with the help of an experienced sys-admin. You get the domain you want, and you can build your own community and invite your friends.

@federicomena mi! May I ask, what do you use for code highlighting in your blog? Thanks!

My followers are the best
Thank you

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Happy Bat Appreciation Day! Bats are important pollinators of lots of delicious fruit like guava, mango, banana, cacao, agave, and durian! The Arizona short-nosed bat was just taken off the endangered species list! Bats are cute as fuck and save everyone from using a ton more pesticides than they'd have to otherwise! Bats are the best, please appreciate some bats today.

#bats #goth #pollinators #solarpunk

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Health, nervous Show more

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I feel creative. Is there a guide to skinning your #mastodon instance?