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If I don't follow you or know you, please write me a short message - how did you find me or even better, something about yourself. We can get to know each other better this way. Thanks!

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(Provably doesn't make any sense if you don't know what I'm talking about)

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Yay, Mac VoiceOver support in Firefox is coming together more and more. We are currently checking in bug fixes literally every day. Firefox 85, right now in Nightly, is going to cover a wide range of support. Currently aimed to be our customer preview release.

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I remember the time I laughed about a line in a song that had "November rain" in it because where I lived at the time last bits of rain were in October at best.

Meanwhile: enjoying December rain from my window

home-office only counts if you have a separate room 🙃
how to screw up people without big flats

gw2 screenshot thread, PoF spoilers? 

My rather low graphics settings still manage to produce "wow" quite often

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Carpetner Brut just dropped a track but I need to sleep?

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Looking for writing by/about austistic composers or autistic musicians or autistic issues in music?

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I am never sure if features like that would really be used in #Tusky and how to best design them (and it should not be one person deciding), so I would be glad about additional input and ideas.

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good morning fedi!

I just learned that brussel sprouts were re-bread to taste better (and less bitter) in the 90ies.

so it's not coincidence that some people hated them as kids and now like them. because the sprouts they ate as kids were actually bad.

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Vegan Recipe request 


So every year I test drive a #Vegan #recipe for my vegan parents, and this year I'd like to try a casserole (usually I do soups, but for some reason my dad doesn't like soup).

Anyone have a recipe for me to start with?

Ideally it would:

* have a minimum of specialty ingredients

* be umami

* be tolerably easy to make.

Boosts welcome!

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corona and new years eve fireworks blabla in germany 

It is a bit surreal:
healthcare workers in hospitals post selfies showing them exhausted and with marks from wearing PPE for hours and hours in their faces on social media.

meanwhile germans <s>debate</s> whine because they think it's not ok to ban individually fired fireworks and firecrackers on new years eve

I'd say let your local hospital workers decide if individually firing explosives while drunk is fine with them, or not.

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Pinafore v1.20.0 

You can now press "i" as a keyboard shortcut to open images/video/audio. Also, there is an accessibility fix from @krinkle (thank you!) and some other small fixes. Enjoy!

Android sucks, AAAARGHh 

Now it suddently handled duplicates?
Of course IS_PENDING is an int, not boolean.
Of course it wil be available for other apps to open and they will crash while it's pending.
Of course you can keep it in this state forever.

I should not be surprised anymore.

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Android sucks, AAAARGHh 

"oh it's duplicate file name? I won't rename the file, I will do SQLITE CONSTRAINT FAILED because I don't check anything"

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Android sucks, AAAARGHh 

I can't do this anymore
MediaStore inserts a file which has no size and IT CANNOT DELETE IT
not manually, nor with adb
and I don't know hwy it happens
this is the worst API ever

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