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If I don't follow you or know you, please write me a short message - how did you find me or even better, something about yourself. We can get to know each other better this way. Thanks!

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I don't see most of it (and don't want to), but if "a new instance operated by a cop" scares you, this isn't the network you should be posting on.

Out of the thousands of instances out there, how do you know none of the ones that existed before today are operated by police officers or spies or soldiers or even--gasp--politicians? You don't.

Screwed up with attaching drain again of the washing machine again.
It's like trying to make something from Lego but all parts are incompatible.

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*Chinese phone communicates with Chinese server*
*Android phone communicates with Google's servers hundreds of times per hour*

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Anyone who has denied climate change or done anything to prevent or delay climate action, in order to further their own political or financial gain, should be considered guilty of crimes against the planet.

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Remember, "Kubernetes Cluster" is an effective gender-neutral insult!
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everyone from age 22-25 wants to start a garden. if you can't start a garden, you bake bread. if you don't bake bread because you don't like it, you get a bike. If you're lazy, you get really into brand new federated social media platforms

Started reading "Round Ireland With a Fridge" by Tony Hawks and that's funny.

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@cstanhope I've yet to be convinced software development is an engineering discipline at all. Does not seem to be sufficiently based on science and empiricism.

Certainly, if cars, houses, and bridges were built like programmers hack up software, we'd all be dead. Engines would explode, houses would collapse, and occasionally there would be international celebrations when someone crossed a bridge without dying.

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I gotta admit I laugh my ass off when I ever I see someone use SJW as an insult. That is so funny to me.

As if fighting for everyone to have a good life is OFFENSIVE.

Like... you're just a garbage person if you think it's insulting to have the nuts to fight for social equanimity. Ha, you're just trash.

Reading 1.3k people can be like that I guess

My memory is so bad that I cannot remember names of people I like to read and it makes me sad.
What's the name of the girl with bunnies and movement disability (I'm really sorry if I remember you like that, there are other traits but they're the most distinctive to me)? I don't know, I don't see her posting!
It seems like not only some people leave but some people are do noisy that I don't see anybody else (forgive me if I'm guilty with the same thing).
This way is... suboptimal.

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Corporate wellness initiatives exist because capitalists don't want workers to die until after they've retired. They don't care about your or your health.

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capitalism drives innovation cause you have to wash dishes 40 hours a week or risk being out of food and home

I've read all the tech articles and news which I could today I guess and I'm gently shifting towards Bookchin but maybe it's too hard rn

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This watch thinks that I slept for almost 8 hours last night. It doesn't seem to see the difference between light sleep and laying in bed wide awake for hours staring at the ceiling and wishing that someone would break in and hit you over the head with a frying pan so you could finally get some sweet sweet sleep.

I listed my preferred pronouns as "they/them" but no one actually ever called me like that and I would feel weird id someone did but I also really don't like this gendered pronouns thingy overall and I always say "they" when talking about strangers so uugh

I'm toxic myself and then I miss all those people who leave us 😞

PSA: avoid talking to people who 'ly inject hashtags into , they don't talk to you, they talk to their and they're one of the most kind (and almost always are white straight cis abled middle class FOSSbros)

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Hey! If anyone knows any cute Irish femmes please help them get in touch with me! What are clothing shops in Dublin that aren't just American-y mass market shit that looks terrible on trans girls? Some help would be appreciated!!

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