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If I don't follow you or know you, please write me a short message - how did you find me or even better, something about yourself. We can get to know each other better this way. Thanks!

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If you're like me and you remember people mostly by userpics here's what happened in the last few days

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Gotta stop every now and then when you’re traveling and just take in the scenery.

#mastoart #art #creativetoots #fantasyart #dragon

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Oh hi, I'm new around here. I draw stuff. Especially #naked people because clothes are too mainstream.

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@deadsuperhero @cwebber

Point of order: MediaGoblin is older than ActivityPub, older than even.

I still remember when the guy on with the weird cute alien monster avatar said he was planning to write a better gallery application and I was thinking "yeah right, aren't we all".

Well, he sure showed me. <3
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so what is Pleroma about anyway?

in a nutshell, it's about autonomy. it's about social media autonomy for every person on the planet. all 7.6 billion of us. nobody else telling us to do, what to say, and nobody else forcing us to see things we don't want to see.

this means Pleroma is being built for an entirely new scale of fediverse: one with billions of nodes. it's also why Pleroma supports alternative transports such as TOR and I2P out of the box.

it also is a major differentiator between Pleroma and Mastodon. in the Mastodon model, there's maybe a few million islands which host a few thousand people each. to contrast, in our model, everyone who wants to host their own instance does so. that means everyone can choose to have total social media freedom.

but it's not just social media, we also intend to use the same underlying tech to enable real-time communications with the same capabilities as the social media side of things.

and it's universal: different frontends for different preferences. like Mastodon but don't have the resources to run it? use Pleroma with Mastodon frontend and apps. like GNU social? Pleroma's default frontend was modelled after it. like diaspora* but want to talk to your fediverse friends? use Feather. like the alternative Mastodon frontends like Pinafore and Brutaldon? they work too.

hate spam and harrassment? we have a mostly as yet untapped framework called MRF which can be leveraged to automate moderation of an instance.

want to modify it? drop by #pleroma on freenode and we help with that too.

@tomharris hey. Been reading your articles about veganism. I want to support you but don't know how. I've managed only from the third try because of the resistance from my parents and because I was stupid. If I knew that there's a way to get all the things and that there are such cool meat substitutes I could so it sooner.
I think if you want to, you will get there. It's small steps. Like substituting red meat.

Reminder that you are all nice, cute and good.

I feel guilty that I don't participate in ForkTogether thing. I have much more time but it goes... somewhere.

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if you use linode, aws and custom backups (not the paid linode backup service) you can run a mastodon instance for less than US$20 per month ($10 for linode and ~$7 for S3)

source: computer fairies. we have over 200 users and federate with almost 2000 other instances and we're running comfortably

anything more expensive than that is for unnecessary features such as elasticsearch. you don't _need_ to pay more than this to run mastodon.

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People not reacting to a puppy gif for 12 minutes makes me worried. Is everything working? 👀 👀

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Where's the Tolkien fans at?

Noticed my 1973 copy of The Hobbit has a message on the inside cover.

Can anyone translate?

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two of our cats are watching a tv documentary about squirrels

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Blender moved its videos to PeerTube after YouTube shut them down (apparently for refusing monetization). Since it's federated, you can follow them from Mastodon. @blender

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We have absolutely no money for groceries for the rest of the month. If it is possible to help us out at all, it would be greatly appreciated. Even 5 bucks helps a ton just to make sure we stay fed.$archangelic

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Giving money to your admin to keep things running or to the Mastodon project are great ways to give back and help your community.

Giving money to support individual users on Mastodon who need money and resources is just as if not more helpful and important.

Support the poor in your community. Pay the artists. Spread the resources around. Make this place as healthy and punk rock as possible.


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@abs @eal well, we are near telegram Android 4.8.9, and the sources here is for 4.6

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Peertube, an ActivityPub based alternative to YouTube, is running a crowdfunding campaign

Comes at an important time, with YouTube blocking legitimate videos on (incorrect) copyright grounds, such as MIT's OpenCourseWare videos and the Blender Foundation's videos