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If I don't follow you or know you, please write me a short message - how did you find me or even better, something about yourself. We can get to know each other better this way. Thanks!

Once again:


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If you're like me and you remember people mostly by userpics here's what happened in the last few days

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I think hooters would be more successful if the premise was *everyone* has boobs. i.e you're given breast forms at the door like how they give you shoes at a bowling alley. please fund me

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There's a pair of tawny frogmouths that perch outside my window at work. This is what Australian Geographic says about them:

"Australia’s tawny frogmouths are unique in every possible way. They shape-shift, they joint parent and they have an eerie stare. ... They just sit and pretend not to be there to avoid interaction."

Literally what is not to love about this? Birds for our time.

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18 year old me would be crying tears of joy that a site like this exists: mutually supportive and full of very gay communists.

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Bunnies in tiny crowns, boost for awareness

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Welcome to Mastodon.

Please listen carefully to the following options.

For boosting, press boost.

For reply, press reply and then leave your message in the box. When you are finished, press toot.

Press star for more options.

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Maintaining Tusky has become exhausting in the last days. 😓
I have been handling countless requests on Google Play, Github, Email and @Tusky. It stops me from doing what I want to do: Actually coding

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people new to masto: if you think maybe the idea of your DMs being read might be a little spooky, let me introduce you to some chat apps!!!!

A lot of us old guard mastodon folks use wire since it strikes the best middle ground between Ease of use X Cross Platform Availability X Security

Now it isn't fully federated (they're working on it), but the software is open source. Also it doesn't require a phone number to sign up for it.

Charlag boosted has grown rapidly last week. To allow things to settle, we'll keep the registrations closed and invites off for now. We'll enable user invites again as soon as we feel that a new influx won't hurt the local community too much. Stay tuned for a blog post on the topic.

If you want to join a German instance, consider, if you're looking for an anarchist one, have a look at If you/your friend *need* to be here, send a mail to contact@.

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Trev is now officially Uncle Trev, Coolest Uncle In The West. Please only address him as that from now on. Thank you.

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"the admins can access your dms!!!!"

as someone that grew up on nineties internet: that's been the case on like every platform since the internet existed
why are people just now freaking out about it??

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#introduction for this new account 🐺

I'm Shiro, a shy bisexual subby white doggo-boy.
People pay me to work on complex fluids in a government research lab :blobnerd: :heart_bi:
Sometimes I participate in innocent conversations and activities that may include y̶i̶f̶f̶y̶furry stuff :blobcat: :gay_furr: *wagwag*
(pat me pwz :pup_bad_dragon: )

Find my other profiles at

My fursona was made by (NSFW below :blobcatpeek: ). Ice cream version: @Mous.

Hello, I played Starbound all day, how are you doing

(I was too exhausted from yesterday to do anything)

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I think it would make sense to reframe the whole "handling new user influx" thing as ~learning from each other~. Hell, we mastodon-only people have a lot to learn. But also a lot to show to newcomers. Who in turn probably know or do a lot of stuff that the fediverse desperately needs.

It's good to know what we want the fediverse to be like, but let's not act like that's already achieved, or will ever be perfected.

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ok so now that we got new people on mastodon, when do we start pushing encrypted open source chat apps, independent blogs, and creative commons onto them???

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Hey, Fediverse. Sister in law is suddenly being harassed online out of nowhere. Someone/something is spreading her google account & email around on online dating and hookup sites, triggering her to receive dick pics and whatnot from numerous strangers.


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Last year I participated in #Inktober by drawing a bunch of little illustrations of plants that had specific meaning or memories for me. :)

You can see the whole set here: Plus a timelapse video of me drawing one. (I only completed 20, but it was my best Inktober yet!)

#mastoart #creativetoots #art #illustration #ink