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If I don't follow you or know you, please write me a short message - how did you find me or even better, something about yourself. We can get to know each other better this way. Thanks!

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@owl The funniest thing with all the "private" train operators in the world is that they're all owned by other states.
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yes we should kill bitcoin, but also like, my list of things that shouldnt exist is so fucking long lmao

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馃敡馃摳 Had a really nice find tonight in our #BikesForRefugees workshop. One of the donated bikes I was fixing had a fork lock within its frame. I had never seen one of those before. They key was missing, but fortunately it was unlocked. Thought I might share this with you, @mastobikes #mastobikes


I am not optimistic about things tbh. Like at all.

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I had my jab! Actually I was so, so, so pleased and burst into tears (yet again) and thanked all the staff and the volunteers a lot.

Fingers crossed it doesn't make me very ill for the next few days... still that would be a very acceptable tradeoff...

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Sometimes you want to write a good changelog for the app but Google doesn't let you write anything longer than a sentence 馃槫

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DIY, corona tests 

we have ordered and received some sarscov2-rapid poc-tests at work, and I made little paper bags to pack test kits. from old pages that I had left from bakery school.

I stamped them with stamps, too.
by the way, the tests are very expensive for small businesses, more expensive than at the Lidl, while big corporations order them by the 10.000 and get them super cheap.

it's nice we are allowed to buy them now at least, but things, they stay unfair...

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hello I'm apparently doing #solGardenInvite things today!

If you're #neurodivergent (autistic, schizoaffective, tourettes, adhd, and so on) I started a forum just for us! (If you know anyone who is neurodivergent, please tell them about us!)

Here's is our CoC

Our mods are all #BIPOC, and we are BIPOC-focused.
We're quite tiny right now and we'd love for you to become part of our community

For an invite, just make a public post using #solGardenInvite!

Can follow requests from moved account be just approved

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I've been trying to sort through photos on my phone which means I've just looked at like six months of Gary pictures and I honestly feel better for it. :)

Here, you can have a Gary picture too.

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I鈥檓 speaking at TEDx UCLA. The conference theme is AGENCY.

For now I can tell you the first three words of my talk鈥檚 title:


You may think, hey, that sounds like your book title, and you would be right! Looking back I can reflect and it鈥檚 interesting to see the different moments when seeds were planted. Let me tell you a story about one of those seeds. Sitting in a coffee shop, a 24 year old power lifter said to me:

鈥淵ou know, you should give a TED talk,鈥

鈥 Wednesday May 29, 2019.

Wait, how? What? Who?!? Do random people usually say things like that? Ok, he wasn鈥檛 a random stranger, and I have since published academic papers with this athlete. In fact, we still do research projects together. This, however, was the first 鈥榠n person鈥 meeting we had. Although we emailed, and he helped with some research interviews, I never actually met him beside handing him a box of questionnaires and audio recording equipment. He said that after we had spoken for about 10 minutes in the coffee shop at the University Library. Hmmm. He wasn鈥檛 the first person to say that, but sometimes the things people say at certain times just stick. This did.

One year later, on May 30, 2020, I was scheduled to give my TEDx talk at UCLA, but COVID had other plans, and the event was postponed. Now it鈥檚 happening and it is definitely time to

SAVE THE DATE: May 15, 2021

Join me. Registration is open, seats are virtual and free.

Register to attend TEDx UCLA HERE

I hope to see you there!

#selfefficacy #yesican #agency #tedx #tedxucla

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@zorotl @Taweret yeah, theres an account that i follow on twitter that shows changes to nyt articles and headlines, they posted this immediately after they posted the article

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Too bad that I just can't code personal stuff anymore. I would need to like work much less to so that.

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Selfie, but with bunny, but not just any bunny... 

It鈥檚 Sir PUFF!!! He a wiggly bunny, but very patient during his long grooming sessions. I鈥檓 brushing a barnful of rescue bunnies this morning. PAWS of Grays Harbor is helping to adopt 22 out of over 250 bunnies rescued from a bad hoarding situation.

Stupid birds woke me up light SUPER early

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My friend says:

"This mostly to write in Spanish and German, where almost everything is gendered. I used to use *, so "profesor*s" for teachers. Some people use _, as in "profesor_s".

But these things, I am told, make it hard for people who use software that reads them the documents. Do you have any tips here?"

I'm particularly interested in hearing from people who use screenreaders in gendered languages. Are underscores or asterisks a problem? Are you aware of better options? :boost_ok:

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