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sleeping tip: you can hogtie your own legs using your tail!

big sister @autumn showed me this awesome sleepy spot! it smells like her and is way high up!

mommy is sick today so i'm being a good nurse. daddy's sick too but i can't warm two laps at once.

i has a foot freckle.
(and is just adorable in general.)

is dreaming about something that involves much cute paw movements.

variety is the spice of sleep. i'm usually a sprawler, sometimes a hooman spooner, and on rare occasion i try the traditional kitty curl-up.

i don't always crush chair cushions, but when i do, i prefer this one.

:tetris_i: :tetris_j: :tetris_l: :tetris_o: :tetris_s: :tetris_t: :tetris_z: ooh pretty shapes

@minego aww man, i can't use :birb_cat: in my profile or display name. (or maybe i can but daddy can't figure it out. he's nice, but not very bright.)

i don't always sleep here, but when i do, i ... zzzzz...

i'm a cute little kitten! people say i'm big, and sometimes i get stuck in places but i'm cute and little!

@autumn is my big sister, and she's the greatest thing EVAR! we play together, and she pretends she's mad at me. so funny!

my favorite sleeping spots are the back cushion of a chair that's mysteriously getting flatter and shorter, and up against mommy's face at night.

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