i was seeping, then i was stretching, then i got distracted. now i don't remember what comes after stretchings.

i catched a tail. it made me sleepy.

sleeping tip: you can hogtie your own legs using your tail!

is you giving out snacs? i'll has one!

big sister @autumn showed me this awesome sleepy spot! it smells like her and is way high up!

mommy is sick today so i'm being a good nurse. daddy's sick too but i can't warm two laps at once.

i has a foot freckle.
(and is just adorable in general.)

is dreaming about something that involves much cute paw movements.

variety is the spice of sleep. i'm usually a sprawler, sometimes a hooman spooner, and on rare occasion i try the traditional kitty curl-up.

i don't always crush chair cushions, but when i do, i prefer this one.

and now is seeping time. zzzzz...

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