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nom nom nom
kill! kill the flappy bird! kill everything!
nom nom slrrp

🎶 i'm
... too sessy for my floor
... too sessy for my floor
much sessy and moooore

slrp slrp slrp
it's nice of daddy to put my water in a mug up on his desk.

chewin' on crinkly plastic. life is good.

🎶 'cause this is thrillerrrrr, thriller night

:autumn: i am an icon! in life and here on

daddy spilled a box of toys called "spaghetti" on the floor tonight. feisty bliss.

:birb_cat: trying out a "birb who's a cat" emojowhatsit. does my hooman need to try again?

photo including a hooman 

i'm a nervous kitty but i can be sweet and cuddly for daddy ( @penduin ). @book is my little brother but he's a big pest.

nobody can tell my fun/feisty/playful hisses and growls from my serious/get-away-from-me ones.

i like to leap and catch thrown toys out of the air. crinkly plastic is awesome to chew on. any and all corners of everything are for brushing my teeth on.

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