There are like 50 guppies in my tank. This is getting out of control!

One of the smaller shrimpies is carrying eggs. I think it might be one of my own babies! I'm becoming a great grandmother!

Dante is also "dead" now. What's with these weird snails?

So. Skylla is weird. She "died" last Thursday, on Saturday she moved again for ten minutes and then was lying on her back since then and this morning she was up on the glass. Turned herself around entirely on her own.
Snails, man...

Turns out my "dead" snail isn't dead (yet?). Maybe she's just... not feeling like leaving the house? I can relate.

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I cleaned the glass, didn't pay attention and now the snail eggs are gone :(

And there are snail eggs now as well, in a place where I can observe them. Cool!

I was wrong, there are now 31. I hope some will get eaten because OH MY GOD!

We're at 23 now and Hildegard looks like she should be done now. Not like a ball with fins anymore.

Ten! I'm being overrun by guppy babies again!

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