For the first time in my two decades of having aquariums I had to throw out a healthy plant because there are too many plants in there that are growing like weeds.

I ordered five red shrimpies and got six pale, blueish ones. I'm not happy about that...

I just saw one tiny shremp swimming around. Good for you, bebby shremp!

Turns out superglue turns white when it's dry so now my baby safe, black filter looks ugly as heck. But I guess as long as it saves the shrimpies, I can deal with it.

These snails are weird and their mouths are freaking me out.

Watching an unboxing video by a fish shop. As you do.

Welp. Just found out that there's a Greek seamonster that is half young woman and half six dogs and so now the two snails are going to be called Dante (BFF's birthday snail) and Skylla.

It's so smol! I hope it's hiding now with a few sibling because the guppies are monsters.

[frantically googles how to grow more algae because she has ordered snails that eat ONLY algae]

I never see more than eight shrimpies at the same time.

Mag is peacocking and the girls are not impressed.

Just saw 8/10 shrimpies at the same time so I'm guessing everyone's fine.

The guppies have joined the family two weeks ago and 80% are still alive. Not great but could be worse.

Update: saw one of the moms.
And I think one of the shrimpies is preparing to molt because he's doing weird things with his tail.

I'm learning that there is a difference between saddled and berried shrimp and I guess mine aren't fertilized yet?

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