Technology as expensive as smartphones should have replaceable batteries and be easily repaired by the people who bought the device. When you also consider the environmental impact of producing a smartphone or other electronic device, it should be made to last. Apple/Silicon Valley turned electronics into disposable fashion products.

it is very important that kittens get lots of sleeps. all the sleeps

A digital billboard in Odessa malfunctioned, in the fog. Convincing unknown numbers of motorists not only were they living in the Matrix, but it was being run on Windows 98.

@Anke we have a fuchsia in full bloom in our garden here too (Central Scotland). It's very odd. They do bloom late, but I didn't think this late.

November may have been particularly mild so far. I don't think this is usual.

@minego @julia Do you two actually have a long-distance relationship, or is that mostly-joking flirting?

The problem with trying to troubleshoot your brain is that you don't have root. Half of psychiatry is about trying to find privilege escalation exploits.

Look at this hours-old chick guys!!
This is a quail chick, not a chooken, but it is still very good! c:

I look out for my fellow fowl.

@minego Could you switch the cute critters bot to one post per day for a while? I need to get some other things in my life on track, and it's a bit much right now.

Watching TV while writing and in the show a steam train is waiting at a water tower in the middle of the night.

The sounds of the idling steam engine mixed in with night noises took me back 30 years to a overnight train ride in China.

A steam engine had stopped right next to my carriage and woke me at 2 in the morning with the roar of steam, the hissing of valves , the metallic pings and ticks of cooling steel...

The sounds of an iron dragon resting before taking flight again.

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